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Delete Skype History is a tool designed to improve your privacy and protect your Skype conversations from prying eyes.

A conversation conducted over this well-known communication software will remain private between the participants if it’s a video call, but when using the chat feature everything gets registered in the history.

Enter Delete Skype History, which eliminates all your private or business conversations so no one with access to your account can find out what you're talking about with other people.

This program is extremely useful for all those users who have a shared computer or who tend to leave Skype open on many different devices. No matter who tries to sniff around in your Skype or how they do it, you can now automatically delete your history from within the application itself.

The way it works is very simple: just run the program and select from among the options 'Delete all Skype history on this PC,' or 'Delete Skype history for selected contacts on this PC'. Depending on which option you choose, it will erase all of your conversations, or only the ones for a contact you select.

In addition, Delete Skype History not only eliminates the history you don’t want saved, but can also restore the history you want to recover using a security back-up.

The trial version only deletes one hour of history from each conversation.

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